What is Style?

Articulating The Articulate is a lifestyle brand not based on apparel and material items, but based on the individual soul.

Style is defined as "a manner of doing something."

In this society, wealth and the image of having wealth, seem to play a large part in what the masses think "style" is. More specifically, our media and many areas of life continuously push the image that being rich is being cool. But the truth is, WE ALL ARE NOT RICH. So does that mean you can't have style? Does that mean you can't be your own person? Does that mean that you aren't equal to those that are glorified?

Style is an expression based on personal feeling. That can change from moment to moment just as emotions flee with the wind. All walks of life have an equal opportunity to contribute to the world, the problem is many of us are so busy trying to be other people that we don't necessarily know our own greatness. 

Having style comes from having confidence. Having confidence comes from knowing what you want and don't want due spending more time focussed on yourself. Many trends might be popular but not fit your body or personality type. But there are many things that you can do better than others! You just have to find what works for you!

Go try on 100 pair of different sunglasses and see what shapes work with your face. Go try on 100 pair of different jean fits and see what works well with your body style. Start being you to the fullest and watch others gravitate to your style. Style isn't in the past nor in the future. Style is right now. Style is how you feel. Style is you. 


Happiness is a lifestyle that we want you to live. Only you can create that. ATA.LIFE


Written by a Day Dreamer at Night



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